poisonpickles (poisonpickles) wrote,


Title: Cellmates
Pairing: Hyukhae
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Summary: Donghae is Hyukjae's new cellmate.
A/N: For Nathy. You're a pain in the ass and ilu.


The door slides shut. He's locked in. Confined to this small space for the next twelve months. He doesn't take time to look around, to get acquainted with the place. He lies down on the unoccupied bed and faces the wall.

He breathes. It will only take a moment, he tells himself. He'll adjust, get used to the way it smells, the darkness of the walls around him, the way his lungs don't quite fill the way they're supposed to, as if rejecting the impurities of the air in this cell.

There's a yawn and a sigh. Then shuffling footsteps. Then there's a figure standing inches away from his bed.

“How long?” A voice asks.

“Twelve months,” he replies.

“You won't last that long,” the voice says. “Too scrawny. And way too cute. They'll rip you apart in a matter of days.”

“They?” He asks, turning to see a young man with short reddish hair standing over his bed.

The man's lips curve into a smirk as he turns to lie on his bed again. “What's your name?” He asks.

“Donghae,” Donghae says, eyes still trained on the man.

“Donghae,” the man tests, nodding and closing his eyes. “I'm Hyukjae.”

The cell goes silent and Donghae turns to face the wall again. And he breathes.


“Fuck!” Donghae yells as soon as he's locked in once again. He kicks his bed in an attempt to relieve his anger. It doesn't work. He then presses his forehead against the wall and closes his eyes, silently screaming at his lungs to let him breathe.

“Bad lunch?” Hyukjae asks, lying on his bed and casually flipping to the next page of his book.

“I didn't even do anything,” Donghae starts loudly, “why do they...” he stops when he turns to see Hyukjae, book now flat on his chest, eyes looking over Donghae's face.

“I told you they'd rip you apart,” Hyukjae sighs, standing and approaching Donghae.

Donghae's cheek is already turning purple, a wound he'd acquired for doing nothing more than sitting down to eat. It's the third time this week. Hyukjae touches the injured area with the tip of his fingers. Donghae doesn't flinch. Hyukjae removes his hand.

“They'll keep doing this,” Hyukjae says. “They'll push you until you break. The beatings will be too painful and there won't be a way to stop them... until they offer you a way. And you'll take it, no matter what it is.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Donghae asks, still venting anger through his actions.

“Well,” Hyukjae smiles and reaches to lightly tug on a lock of Donghae's hair, “you'll be their adorable little play thing.” Before Donghae can scream, Hyukjae places a finger over his lips. “But there is another option; something I think we should go over since you're my cellmate and all.”

Donghae doesn't speak, he expects Hyukjae to continue. Instead, Hyukjae returns to his bed and picks up his book, sitting and reading once again. Rather than questioning Hyukjae's “option,” Donghae sits on his own bed, watching Hyukjae curiously.

“How did you...” he starts, “not become a.... play thing?”

Hyukjae's eyebrow raises as he looks back at Donghae questioningly.

“I mean...” Donghae continues, “you're not exactly a big guy. You're actually pretty scrawny yourself.”

“It's not always about muscle,” Hyukjae says, eyes returning to his book. “Sometimes it's about connections.”

Donghae nods, getting irritated at having to question all of Hyukjae's words to receive answers. “So you have connections, then?” He asks.


“And you can help me?”

A stillness washes over Hyukjae before he closes his book and looks at Donghae again.

“I'll help you if you do something for me,” he says.

“Stop dancing around it and tell me,” Donghae replies, patience running thin. “What is it? I have to have sex with you so that they won't have sex with me?”

“More like you help me relieve myself or they break you so bad you'll never walk properly again.”

Donghae stares at him, jaw clenched. Hyukjae's words are specific, telling Donghae that it's a simple, kind offering with plentiful benefits.

“I won't force you into it. I'm just... lonely and gay and deprived and you're unbearably cute.”

“Cute?” Donghae spits immediately and Hyukjae nods.

“Cute guys don't exactly waltz in here every day,” Hyukjae says, “I've won the jailhouse lottery getting you as a cellmate.”

Donghae scrunches his face. He considers Hyukjae, a thin man with fair skin, broad shoulders and strong arms, soft eyes framed by sharp eyebrows, lips... Donghae gets lost for a second, biting his inner cheek to keep the craving for the feeling of lips against skin at bay, and then he sees Hyukjae's fingers. Long, slender, undoubtedly smooth, and then Donghae is lost in his (dirty) thoughts again, wondering where this could go wrong. He pins down his sliver of eagerness and puts his rational mind back together.

“How long have you been in here?” He asks.

“A while,” Hyukjae replies.

“Have you had other cellmates in the 'while' that you've been here?”

“Only one,” Hyukjae replies honestly.

“Then you better have protection 'cause I'm not risking catching something your last cellmate had,” Donghae says sharply.

“Oh,” Hyukjae's eyebrows rise at the accusation, “my last cellmate wasn't my type. But of course I have protection; I wasn't about to risk catching anything from you either.”

A silence comes between them before Donghae begins to wonder.

“How do you even get stuff like that in here?” He asks.

Hyukjae smirks and it's somehow a little alluring. “Those are the secrets you'll learn after the deed is done.”

“Right...” Donghae says, “the deed. When do you...”

“When I feel like it,” Hyukjae says, returning to his book.

Donghae nods to himself, tapping his fingers silently against the material of his bed. He decides that maybe he should psych himself up for this. If he's going to whore himself out for this it should at least be enjoyable. He starts concentrating on Hyukjae's fingers again, watching them turn pages. He doesn't notice that it's been a while since Hyukjae has turned a page. Hyukjae hasn't turned a page because Hyukjae is staring at him.

Clearing his throat, Donghae quickly looks away. When Hyukjae keeps staring, he lies down and faces the wall. He hears a chuckle and a page turn and he smiles a little, settling down to take a nap and rest his bruised cheek.


“Hey,” a whisper behind Donghae says.

Donghae opens his eyes and it's dark. He feels a body lined up behind him, barely touching him. He groans out something unintelligible, nuzzling his face against his rough pillow.

“Hey,” the whisper says again, followed by a soft chuckle that wakes Donghae just a little more.

“What?” Donghae mumbles, turning a little to see the outline of Hyukjae in the dark. He feels warm breath against his cheek and a hand against his hip and he swallows.

“Do you mind if I...” Hyukjae doesn't finish the question and Donghae doesn't move so Hyukjae moves slowly, moving a warm hand into Donghae's shirt, running soothing circles with his thumb against Donghae's skin.

Donghae's heartbeat quickens because he doesn't hate it, it feels good. He doesn't know what to do with his hands so he curls them into his bed, determined to keep them there, to keep something sure and still.

Hyukjae slowly works Donghae's pants down until they're around his thighs. Donghae shivers. A sudden warm hand around his cock has him forgetting the cold in the room and breathing a little bit faster.

“I want this to feel good for both of us, you know?” Hyukjae says casually, as if his hand isn't pumping Donghae's cock right now. Donghae isn't sure if the question is rhetorical or not so he nods because he isn't sure what else to do.

Hyukjae's hand is warm and slow, gradually getting Donghae hard. The breath against Donghae's neck is just as warm and somehow even more alluring.

“There isn't much room so we'll have to do it like this,” Hyukjae whispers, pressing himself against Donghae's back.

Donghae almost moans because he can feel that Hyukjae is fully hard and a constrained, thick cock barely pushing between his ass cheeks turns him on so much he can hardly breathe. He moves enough to push himself back against Hyukjae, grinding his ass against Hyukjae's crotch.

Hyukjae squeezes Donghae's cock and Donghae lets out that moan, only loud enough for the both of them to hear. The heat leaves Donghae as Hyukjae moves away to pull his pants down and slide a condom on.

In his impatience, Donghae sticks two fingers into his mouth, wetting them before reaching to push one inside of him. He hears Hyukjae's actions freeze. It's dark but there's enough light for Hyukjae to see where Donghae's hand is, what Donghae's fingers are doing.

“I...” Hyukjae breathes, “I would have done that, if you'd asked me.”

“I like doing it,” Donghae practically moans and grins when he hears a soft reply of “fuck” leave Hyukjae's mouth.

Donghae pulls his fingers away and returns his hands to gripping the bed.

“Are you ready?” Hyukjae whispers, pressing the tip of his cock against Donghae's entrance and kneading the exposed skin of Donghae's thighs. Donghae nods and waits.

Hyukjae finally pushes forward, moving slowly, cautiously. Donghae sighs.

“I'm not exactly a virgin, you can-” before Donghae can finish his sentence, Hyukjae's cock slams into him and Hyukjae's hand covers his mouth to keep him from crying out. He bites Hyukjae's finger hard as a revenge and feels a soft moan and a smile against his neck.

“Sorry,” Hyukjae murmurs against his skin, “you were getting too... cocky.”

Donghae keeps his teeth in Hyukjae's hand until Hyukjae starts moving into him slowly, thrusting in and out. Donghae's mouth opens in pleasure and Hyukjae pushes his injured finger against Donghae's tongue. Donghae sucks and licks at the bite mark as an apology and it makes Hyukjae groan.

Hyukjae moves his hand to hold Donghae's hip so he can fuck Donghae harder and Donghae jolts forward when Hyukjae hits his prostate. Hyukjae slams into the same spot again and again in fast, shallow thrusts and Donghae's whole body tenses. Just a few more times and he'll come for sure.

“Fuck,” Donghae manages to breathe out shakily. He stays tensed, moving against Hyukjae's thrusts and shivering at the lips against his neck. Those lips have been there, teasing him, and so he turns his head quickly and kisses them.

Hyukjae's thrusts stop as he kisses back, as if suddenly wanting to focus all of his energy into the kiss. Donghae forgets about being so close to coming as he kisses Hyukjae, feels soft lips moving against his own.

Donghae reaches a hand back to thread his fingers through Hyukjae's short hair, tugging him a little closer. Their tongues brush each other and then Hyukjae pulls away, panting and he looks down at Donghae.

Donghae stares back, almost feeling as if he had done something wrong by kissing Hyukjae until he feels another hard thrust against his prostate. His mouth opens in silent pleasure and his eyes slide shut.
Hyukjae watches the features of Donghae's face change every time he thrusts. Donghae's eyes open to look at Hyukjae's face, to see what Hyukjae looks like when he fucks him. Then Donghae's eyes close again, keeping the image of Hyukjae's face in his mind as he imagines what they look like right now, pressed together in the dark, holding back moans.

When Donghae feels himself nearing the edge again, he pulls Hyukjae close by his hair, whispers “I'm coming” against Hyukjae's open lips and pumps his cock in time with Hyukjae's thrusts.

Donghae's words make Hyukjae move his hips faster and he kisses Donghae hard as they come together, Donghae whimpering softly against Hyukjae's tongue as they kiss languidly. Their mouths stay attached long after they've both lost their erections.

Donghae pulls away to breathe and suddenly feels almost shy, turning away to try and clean himself and pull up his pants. Hyukjae hands him a tissue and he takes it silently, cleaning his hands. Hyukjae moves to clean himself. Donghae thinks he's gone back to his own bed but a second later he's pressed against Donghae again, kissing his neck.

Donghae closes his eyes and lets himself melt against Hyukjae's lips.

“You know,” Hyukjae whispers, “I didn't think you'd... enjoy it that much. I thought you'd enjoy it at least a little since, well, I'm kind of amazing.” They both laugh a little, Donghae feeling Hyukjae's chest vibrate gently against his back. “I just... I'm glad you didn't hate it.”

Donghae's shyness disappears and he plays with a loose thread on his shirt as he thinks of a response.

“I guess I didn't think I'd enjoy it that much either,” he says. “But I did... and I guess that's good for both of us.”

“Maybe it'll be a good thing for the next ten months,” Hyukjae says. “I get out two months before you.”

Donghae is silent, unsure if he should ask but he's dying to know.

“Why are you in here?” He asks as softly as possible.

“My sister...” Hyukjae starts, “her boyfriend beat her so I... beat him.” Hyukjae clears is throat and Donghae doesn't think to press the matter further. “You?”

Donghae thinks for a moment and bites his lip. “Prostitution,” he says.

Hyukjae goes stiff until he feels Donghae shaking with quiet laughter beside him. He pushes Donghae lightly and sighs.

“And the truth?”

“Petty theft,” Donghae says truthfully. “I thought I'd get away with it but I barely made it down the street before I got caught.”

“What did you steal?” Hyukjae asks, dragging his fingers along Donghae's arm, raising goosebumps.

“Well, I tried to steal some food,” Donghae says. “I was hungry.”

“And you couldn't afford it?”

Donghae shakes his head. “I lost my job... and now that I'm in here I'll lose my apartment too.”

Hyukjae frowns and reaches up to turn Donghae's face towards him. “If you don't have anywhere to go when you get out you can stay with me,” he says. “That is, assuming you stay on my good side.”

“Really?” Donghae smiles as he asks.

“Yeah,” Hyukjae says with a nod. “I mean we just met in jail a few days ago, had sex, traded war stories... I'd say it's perfectly normal to trust each other by now.”

Donghae laughs softly and Hyukjae kisses him again so Donghae kisses back. It feels natural and easy, the twisted feelings gone from Donghae's system, the pressure off of his lungs.

“Hey,” Donghae whispers as they part, “do you think you could stay here a bit longer? I haven't slept much since I've been here and I thought maybe if you...”

“Sure,” Hyukjae says, settling down beside Donghae.

“Thank you,” Donghae whispers as he turns away, curling into a comfortable position and closing his eyes. He's afraid to touch, to get too comfortable too soon. But he finds himself turning towards Hyukjae, moving forward, clinging close because this place is so cold and Hyukjae is so warm. And maybe, just maybe, he'll survive with Hyukjae by his side.


Tags: genre: smut, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, rating: nc-17
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